One on One with Zetech Men’s Basketball Captain- Felix Omondi

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  • November 9, 2016

Felix Omondi is a tall, dark and handsome basketball player pursuing his academic dreams within the courts of Zetech University. The Business Major and Varsity Basketball Captain is convinced that education is the key to a better life and also believes that talent and character will take you far, as long as you are committed and focused. He shares with us about his journey:

ZU: Tell us a bit about yourself:

I would describe myself as a simple, jovial. Social and hardworking man, who loves to play basketball, model occasionally and learn about business, I believe I have strong leadership skills and an achiever, as I have managed to secure several accolades to my name

ZU: What Course are you taking at Zetech?

Felix: I am doing a course in Business Management and Administration?

ZU: Why did you opt to pursue a business course? I believe the progamme offers a lot of opportunities in the market and is also a great foundation for self employment, which is what I am aiming at.

ZU: Which Campus do you study at?

Felix: At the Thika Road Campus

ZU: You are also a captain of one of the basketball teams, tell us about that:

Felix: Yes, I am the captain of the Zetech University senior basketball – Zetech Titans- an amazing team that plays in the KBF league in the country.

ZU: When did the love for basketball begin?

Felix: My love for the sport kicked off in 2006, a decision I will never regret. Someone in my family introduced me to the sport. I joined the Titans in 2013 and in late 2015, I became captain.

ZU: What Position:

Felix: Forward

ZU: Why basketball and not any other sport, you look capable of other sports?

Felix: I love basketball because it has given me the focus and determination to work hard not only in the pitch but also in life. I’m comfortable when I am playing and winning, and I am certain this is the right sport for me.

ZU: And how does it make you feel to lead the Zetech Titans?

Felix: I love my team and I am honoured to play with them in different tournaments across the country; we have a strong bond on and off the pitch.

ZU: Which international player do you admire and would love to meet?

Felix: If I had to choose one, it would be Lebron James; he is an American professional player who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA

ZU: Away from basketball, who do you look up to?

Felix: I look up to my Brother in Law Rocky Otieno. He actually introduced me to basketball and it has changed my life for the better. (Smiles)

ZU: Okay, really, away from basketball. What don’t your fellow students know about you?

Felix: I bet they do not know that I am a great cook! I also love to socialise and swim.

ZU: Interesting, and what does the ideal future look like for you?

Felix: I desire to be a prominent Business Man and a fantastic professional basketball player.

ZU: Any comment on the support from Zetech University?

Felix: The University has given me the opportunity to study through scholarship and this inspires me to work extra hard. It has also provided me a platform for exposure through the extra co-curricular programme.

ZU: Any last word for current and incoming students?

Felix: Education is the key to a better life. Stay focused and you will achieve your dreams.

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