Students Engaged in Relationship, Money and Abuse Seminar

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  • October 24, 2016


The Dean of Student Affairs Office facilitated an engaging seminar on Relationship, Money and Abuse. The training graced by seasoned Gynaecologist Dr. Wahome Ngare aimed at empowering students to live a vibrant and inclusive but safe campus lifestyle.

The seminar dubbed Relationship, Money and Abuse, unveiled the tales of youth relationships, sports betting and abuse; employing a combination of research and real-life stories, Dr. Wahome lectured his audience on the grounding principle of decision making.

“Our society faces perennial problems due to poor decision making, it’s an old age principle that defines phenomena’s and their outcomes,” he said. The students listened keenly as the adept doctor displayed the dos and don’ts of campus life relationship to the youthful audience.

“Relationships are a natural part of us, but it is important for you to understand how to make critical decisions, sex in campus is a lingering monster waiting to pounce on you, but with strong moral grounding, you can leave a safe yet exciting life in campus.” He said.

Zetech University Dean of Students Ms. Elizabeth Muhia expressed her delight in hosting the event, “We are committed to facilitate a wholesome, transformative and enhancing learning experience for our students and this initiative is one of our ways to achieve this.”

Hospitality student Charlotte Leny said the seminar came at a crucial stage in her life as a first year student, “I have learnt so much and I am glad that the lecture came in my freshman year; now I am wiser and what I have learnt will go a long way in enriching my future years in campus,” she said.

For IT student Benjamin King’ori, sports betting/gambling had become an addiction, Dr. Wahome submitted to him habits that will help kill the addiction, encouraging him to give it a try, “Betting has cost me a lot, I spend a lot of my money on it, this seminar has been life changing and now I will heed the advice given to me and will work towards breaking this habit,” he said.

The students engaged the friendly Doctor in a stimulating question and answer session with the trainees seeking answers on sex, drug abuse, gambling, dating, marriage, among other issues troubling the youth in Kenya. Dr. Wahome was swift to answer and did his best to clear the uncertainties the students held.

As he finished his talk, the graceful gynecologist noted that life is made and broken by choices, “Our future is made by the decisions we make today, you decided to join college and this will probably positively reflect in your future; right decision making is critical for success.” Dr. Wahome concluded.

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