Diploma in Instrumentation & Control Engineering (DIE)

An instrumentation and control engineer is required to design and develop control systems, maintain existing control systems, manage the control systems, troubleshoot and ensure that the instruments comply with health and safety regulations in a manufacturing plant.

Programme Goals

  1. Build a strong mathematics foundation, reading comprehension, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking among learners.
  2. Build ability to combine knowledge, skills and experiences to identify opportunities or challenges, identify alternative solutions, make choices and implement decisions.
  3. Instill skills in implementation of systems and products with strong problem solving, communication, teamwork, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills;

Entry Requirements

Mean grade of C, with at least C- in Maths and Physics or Chemistry

 Duration of Programme

The course takes a total of five (4) trimesters

 Learning Outcomes.

  1. Apply knowledge and skills acquired in Instrumentation & Control Engineering (DIE)
  2. Ability to employ the tools of trade and succeed in the engineering industry
  3. Ability to identify, analyse and solve engineering problems; through effective communication, teamwork and decision making.[simnor_button url=”http://zetech.ac.ke/apply-online/” icon=”” label=”Apply For This Programme” colour=”#ffffff” colour_custom=”#264292″ size=”medium” edge=”rounded” target=”_self”]

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