Diploma in Entrepreneurship

This course is designed for a business oriented individual interested in building start ups and/ or even take their own businesses to the next level.


Programme Goal

  1. Develop the capacity to be a dynamic, creative entrepreneur who is capable of transforming a business concept into a viable business proposition to generate employment and to explore the means by which to avoid business failure.
  2. Expose students to real world innovative and interactive projects for the acquisition of real time skills to handle business projects.
  3. Develop bold and daring individuals who can identify business opportunities, evaluate and anticipate risk and work independently to achieve their business goals.

Entry Requirement

Aggregate Mean grade C-


Four (4) trimesters

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop Graduates with an entrepreneurial mind set on the foundation of a comprehensive understanding of business management.
  • Give students the know-how to start their own innovative ventures with their new acquired skills.
  • Develop general management skills needed in the management of small and large businesses.
  • Produce distinguished graduates with skills in leadership, communication and team work with the overall goal of building innovative businesses that can meet market demands.[simnor_button url=”http://zetech.ac.ke/apply-online/” icon=”” label=”Apply For This Programme” colour=”#ffffff” colour_custom=”#264292″ size=”medium” edge=”rounded” target=”_self”]

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