Diploma in Communication and Computer Networks

The program has been designed and addresses the increasing emphasis on web-based interactions, transactions and commerce, as well as the latest developments in wireless technology; network security which is an essential need to most business in the world.

Programme Goals

  1. Provide the skills necessary to work in the field of communications and computer networks, including network operation, installation, maintenance, and evaluate their performance.
  2. The program aims to produce graduates who are industry ready and capable of evolving with the changes in information and communication technologies in the fast growing industry.
  3. Programme exposes students on how to install, design and maintain complex networks.

Entry Requirements

Aggregate KCSE Mean grade C- and above

D- in Mathematics

D- in Either English or Kiswahili

with at least C- in Maths and Physics or Chemistry


Learning outcomes

  • Graduates will be able to function in a wide range of areas within the ICT industry and in ICT support roles in other industries.
  • Graduates can fill roles in local and wide area networks, voice network and wireless data network installation and maintenance.
  • Learn key operational and technical aspects of computer communication systems and relevant security issues, enabling you to appreciate emerging technologies.[simnor_button url=”http://zetech.ac.ke/apply-online/” icon=”” label=”Apply For This Programme” colour=”#ffffff” colour_custom=”#264292″ size=”medium” edge=”rounded” target=”_self”]

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