As the University continues to attract and enrol more students each semester, student accommodation remains an integral aspect towards successful studies.

The university is in the process of putting up student hostels within close proximity to the university. The hostels will incorporate a modern touch so as to provide the perfect environment for studying.

Also, the university is also in partnership with hostel facility providers who come in handy in helping students get accommodation. We encourage students to try to obtain a place in one of them and should avoid staying in hotels as they are expensive and may not provide the right atmosphere conducive for study.

The following hostels may have vacancies. If you wish to apply to any of them, write or telephone directly to the address given.


HOSTEL SERVICES GENDER CAPACITY Approx.Distance from Thika Road Campus
Zetech Men’s Bed, Breakfast and Dinner Men 60 100 M
Zetech Ladies’ Bed, Breakfast and Dinner Ladies 100 500 M
Manhattan Bed and Matress; meals available Both 200 3 KM
Viat Bed and breakfast Ladies 46 4 KM
Jesil Bed and breakfast Ladies 20 1.5 KM
Ebenezer Bed and Mattress Both 37 1 KM
Note: Within the area, there are a number of one bedrooms, bedsitters and single rooms which can be shared among students with direct arrangements with the respective landlords and agents
Prepared by: John Wachira

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